Sporty and active in the middle of the Ötztal

The unique landscape, enjoyment, tranquility and pure nature are paramount here.

The elemental force

Unlimited hiking pleasure, tranquility and idyll, culture and tradition are the cornerstones of the "Urkraft Umhausen" and thus guarantee a relaxing holiday in Niederthai.

Winter peace

The middle of the Ötztal. Winter is pure and unadulterated, enjoyment and tranquility come first. Escape the hectic world.

Hiking village

The idyllic village of Niederthai has been awarded the “Austrian Hiking Seal of Approval” and is one of more than 40 hiking villages in Austria. A hiking village is the perfect starting point for experiencing nature and must have an attractive and authentic overall appearance.


The water of the Niderthais falls 159 meters over two steep steps, making it the largest waterfall in Tyrol. The water is atomized and is in the air all around, which is where the name “Stuibenfall” comes from.


The high point of the carnival season for the entire Ötztal is the custom of the Larchzieh’n in Umhausen. The Larchzieh’n is a boys’ custom in which only unmarried men take part and was only celebrated if there was no wedding in the current year. Today the “Larchzieh’n” is celebrated every 5 years to the delight of all Umhausers.