Umhausen is located on the second valley level of the Ötztal and includes the villages of Tumpen, Östen, Niederthai, Farst and Köfels. The village of Umhausen has formed on the scree of the Horlachbach and is located between two landslides. A view from the west side of the valley to Umhausen shows the mud cones of the Lehnbach from the Hirschberg and from the Farstrinne.

It is not for nothing that the other inhabitants of the valley call the Umhauser “Muerelar” for fun. Coming from Oetz, the “Gstoag” closes off the valley at Tumpen for the first time. Behind Umhausen is the hill of the Tauferberg.

It originated thousands of years ago, when a mountain near Köfels collapsed and piled up on the other side of the valley (today’s Tauferberg). As a result, the Horlachbach was dammed and a large lake was created.

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